About us

Our story begins with the desire to offer natural cosmetics of the most interesting small Croatian producers in one place.

St. John’s wort has become exactly what we imagined, a place where the atmosphere of the space reflects the unique beauty of nature, its scents and sounds, and from the beginning gives our visitors a sense of the experience hidden in the products we offer.

We offer various varieties of nourishing and healing preparations of lavender, sage, immortelle, lemon balm, rosemary, St. John’s wort, comfrey… There are also edible oils such as black cumin, sycamore, base oils, macerates, butters and special honeys and tea blends.

We also offer you something to complete the atmosphere in the home – aroma lamps, scented pillows, soap stands, decorative bouquets.

Special offer consists of gift vouchers

Gospina trava d.o.o.

Milana Rešetara 36, 10000 Zagreb

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